March 10, 2017


Inspirational stories from amazing Itty Bitty customers! Meet Molly Fekkes!

We share the journey of Molly Fekkes, just one of our amazing Itty Bitty customers letting you know how our products have helped her through training for a massive event! View full article →
March 03, 2017

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The Itty Bitty Workshops are here! Find out more about our newest venture!

Find out all about our newest venture, Itty Bitty Workshops! Enjoy an afternoon with Astra in a positivity focused, craft based workshop! View full article →
February 24, 2017


How to power a business with mindset, motivation and positive thinking! Featuring podcast with business consultant Paul McAnallen

Astra talks business in Business Consultant and Strategist Paul McAnallen's Podcast! She talks Itty Bitty beginnings and plans for the future! View full article →
February 21, 2017

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Talking Kindness, Fairness & Respect. Free Printable Posters - Marriage Equality, Your Vote. Northern Ireland election 2017

Let’s bring it back to basics. Let’s be kinder to everyone - every single person has their own story that we can’t see. Everyone deserves to be treated fairly, to have the same opportunities, we are all human & none of us is superior to the other. Let’s treat each other with respect - even if we have views different from others, or live in a different way, or we struggle to understand each other, we all still deserve respect. View full article →
February 17, 2017


Random Acts of Kindness and how they can benefit your own life. Plus a special offer!

Find out how Random Acts of Kindness can benefit your own life and get involved in our on-going kindness campaign! View full article →
February 09, 2017


Positivity & the science behind gratitude. Plus a free 'Daily Gratitude Challenge' download!

You know our mission is to promote positivity - and we want to help as many people as possible, take the 21 day gratitude challenge! 

To help you get into the habit we've made you a beautiful free gratitude challenge worksheet! You can print it out at home - as many times as you like! Just pop your email address in the box and it'll automatically send over to you! View full article →
January 27, 2017


New design launch! Elbow lyrics "Throw those curtains wide"

Showcasing our newest design! The lyrics from an amazing song by Elbow, the song 'One day like this' and lyrics 'throw those curtains wide' were chosen by a lucky competition winner :) Also for the first time in Itty Bitty history the design is available in two colour schemes! View full article →
January 19, 2017


Don't give up on your New Years Resolutions! Help to get you back on track!

We believe in you! Seriously we do, whatever you wanted to do, make or be in 2017, you CAN! Even if you feel like you’ve already failed - it’s still the VERY start of the year! Don't give up on your New Years resolutions! Come on! Get your head back in the game 💪🏼 We've got an epic SALE and some easy tips to help you get going again 😄 View full article →
January 06, 2017


Positive News Group Northern Ireland - sharing the good news!

Find out about how we're trying to promote all the positive amazing things that are happening in Northern Ireland! Mainstream media focuses on the negative, shocking stories... We really need some balance! 

There are SO MANY incredible things happening here in Northern Ireland- medical breakthroughs, political progress, outstanding achievements, local talent being recognised, massive acts of service and charity just to name a few It's all happening right on our doorstep and everyone needs to be made aware of it!

View full article →
December 15, 2016


10 ways to have a happier Christmas when you're not feeling merry...

Out of character post from the 'Positivity people'? Not at all! Life is filled with ups and downs and sometimes those downs happen over the holidays. So if you're sort of dreading this Christmas or just struggling to get into the spirit this post is for you - View full article →
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