About Us



We believe a positive mindset can change the world.

It’s our mission to infuse people's lives with POSITIVITY.

We know that when you are able to stay in a positive mindset life is way more awesome! We want to make products that help people to focus on the good things in life. Itty Bitty things that can make a big impact!





A bit about us

I'm Astra, my husband Al and I have been running Itty Bitty Book Co. together, from our teeny home studio in beautiful Northern Ireland, since 2013.

Everything you see here is 100% made in Ireland, most of our print is done in our studio & the rest is printed at a local eco-printers. We use recycled, eco-friendly & ethically sourced materials everywhere possible.

As a social enterprise we're focused on improving mental health outcomes through craft & positive thinking.

We've also been involved in lots of charitable endeavours, for example we volunteer with Young Enterprise, also 100% of our Book of Strength profits were donated to Charity for the first 3 years :)

We believe strongly in doing well by doing good and would rather be happy than rich any day!!


How we started...

Al and I have never been scared to take risks (I moved to Ireland with him just 3 months after meeting him!)

So within a few months of realising that Promoting Positivity was definitely our calling, we'd both quit our jobs and were working full time creating products to inspire, motivate and help others focus on the positives!

Our son was 3 months old at the time, we both felt that having him was a massive part of our motivation to live the life of our dreams, after all, kids do what we do more often than what we say!

Itty Bitty Book Co. has grown so much over the last 4 years, with our retailers, market stall, website, employees and ever expanding range of exciting new products and designs.

We love what we do! Thank you so much for being a part of that!


We love our planet and we love trees, we really love trees...

That's why 90% of our packaging is made from recycled material, manufactured in the UK.

Our studio is completely powered by renewable energy through Airtricity (wind power).

We use water based inks (better for the environment) and all of our paper is from responsibly farmed trees.

We want Itty Bitty Book Co. to be a totally carbon neutral company, each year we are getting closer to this goal :)


Thanks for reading a bit more about us and Itty Bitty! I was recently a guest on a business podcast where I talk in detail about nearly every aspect of our business.

If you'd like to listen you can find it on Paul MacAnallen's Shift-Control site or you can find it on iTunes too :)

Astra xx