Stop Kicking Happiness Down The Road | eBook

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  • Smart people don’t just need more bubble baths to be happier, they need information they can use!

    In this succinct and easy to read eBook, Astra will help you to better understand happiness. When we understand how happiness works and where it really comes from we can easily make better choices and live happier lives.

    So much of what we are taught about happiness is not only wrong but actually makes us more unhappy. Media, well-meaning family and mentors often reinforce these incorrect and damaging ideas about happiness. Reading this book will enable you to see clearly why the effort you have been putting in hasn't paid off. You will also be able to use what you learn to better understand yourself and make sure your energy is used where it will have the most impact.

    This book isn't claiming to be a 'magic happy pill' but it is a perfect starting point to bring more happiness into your everyday life.

    Included in your purchase is a 'Happy Hormones' A4 printable and 3 colourful templates to help form your new happy habits!

    If you enjoyed Astra's TEDx talk, this is a perfect follow on.

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    How long is the book?

    It’s very succinct! Depending on the speed you read at, it should take between 1 and 2 hours to read. It’s the type of thing that you’ll probably want to come back to and re-read at different points because happiness really is a journey and we all need help to refocus from time to time.

    Is it a PDF file?

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  • Astra McNicholl is the founder & creative strategist here at Itty Bitty Book Co. Her passion for creating products that make it easy & fun to bring positive mental health practices into everyday life has fuelled the business and impacted thousands over the last 8 years.

    Astra is a passionate speaker around the topics of gratitude, happiness & positive mental health. After speaking at a number of events, Astra was contacted by TEDx Stormont and asked to deliver a talk on happiness during the COVID Lockdown of 2020. You can watch her TED talk here entitled ‘Why big things don’t have a big impact on happiness’. Based on the huge amount of personal feedback from her talk she realised that what people needed was more, easy to understand information around happiness and positive mental health. So she wrote this book!

    She grew up travelling & after living in South Africa, UK, USA, The Caribbean and Australia she's now happily settled in Ireland with her husband Al and son Ché Phoenix. When Astra isn’t working in the Itty Bitty Studio you can probably find her in Donegal, swimming in the sea, drinking tea or hiking in the mountains!

    Astra McNicholl -Autor of Stop Kicking Happiness Down The Road

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