Energy Flows blank lined Notepad

£7.00 GBP

Energy flows where your focus goes!

This blank lined notepad is perfect for brainstorming, gratitude journaling, writing your to-do list or even your shopping list. But best of all, each time you use it you'll be reminded that what you're focusing on is receiving your energy!

We can't always be focused on our highest priorities, sometimes the regular stuff just needs to be done. A little reminder like this will help you shift at least some of your focus to what's most important each day.

And when you are working on your highest priority, this statement notepad feels like an encouraging high five!

  • A5 size
  • 50 pages
  • High-quality vibrant colours
  • Locally made in Belfast
  • 100% eco friendly, even the glue is compostable!

If you're looking for a weekly planner with a habit tracker, or a daily planner with gratitude and wellbeing check in, we've got you covered!