Itty Bitty Books Re-Launch! New Packaging, New Price & New Quotes!

December 14, 2017

We are Re-Launching our Itty Bitty Books! 

I want to start by thanking every single person reading this for the support, encouragement, custom or even just interest in our little business and the things we make. Al and I are constantly overwhelmed with gratitude, you guys have made this whole day dream a reality and now we want to do YOU proud.

We’ve listened, over the last 4 years and made sure to really take on the things that are important to you. Locally made, Eco Friendly & Unique Design. We will always keep those things at the centre of Itty Bitty’s values and ethics as we continue to grow…

With our new Itty Bitty Books we can offer you incredible value as well as being able to take our idea to a global market, reach more people & make more of a positive impact! We’re so excited for 2018! We have plans for not only some seriously amazing retailers in the UK and Ireland but also further afield; USA, Australia and South Africa!!!

To this, date we have made 10,000 Itty Bitty Books entirely by hand. That’s 160,000 pages hole-punched, 100,000 beads threaded and about 3,333 hours of actual book making… Wow. It’s been an experience that’s for sure, one that I couldn’t have ever imagined when I was making the very first book for my sister 5 years ago (nearly to the day!).

But the handmade model just isn’t scaleable (and I have big dreams for Itty Bitty!) so I’m really happy and slightly relieved that we’re now partnering with an awesome Belfast book binders who will be able to handle the volume of sales we are expecting for next year. 

Like we did back in 2016 (love over gold blog post here) instead of holding the prices and making more profit when our production cost decrease, or just offering massive discounts to our retail customers, we are giving you, the customer, the best prices we can.

As well as the incredible price decrease - now only £9 (was £20)! These Itty Bitty Books have even more pages, including 22 brand new designs, more images from beautiful Ireland as well as being stronger and more durable.

I love the new books so much and I really hope that you’ll love them too and that the new price will allow you to share more positivity, strength and encouragement with the people you love! More pictures and details on the listing page -

Still time to order some for christmas delivery to most places in the world but please check estimated delivery times before ordering.

Happy Happy HAPPY Christmas Friends!
And all the best of everything for 2018!

Lots of love X

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