*Love Over Gold* Ethical business practices & giving back 💚

Love Over Gold :)

Isn't that lovely? Simple but powerful... I came across it last year, a friend of ours Marion (who we also buy our Irish linen from) uses it as her email sign off. It's also how her and her husband Hermann run their business/lives... I love people like that :)

Since starting Itty Bitty Book Co. we have kept a similar motto in our minds, it's always been about the mission of promoting positivity first - profit second. Doing well by doing good. We've kept our extremely high ethical and environmental standards even when things got tight. If we were ever making money in a way that meant someone else was loosing out - what's the point right?

We've always priced our products fairly, and everyone's always been happy to pay what we've asked, but we will always pass on savings to you guys when we can. As we've been growing - and get bigger orders (see last months exciting posts!), we've been able to purchase bigger orders ourselves from our material suppliers, this has brought our cost down for the Itty Bitty Books and we're excited to pass on that saving to you guys!

We thought about the model of just discounting the bulk orders to encourage bigger purchases but that didn't sit right with us. You guys are the people who have made this business possible - you're the ones who bought our first books, our first prints/cards, told your friends about us and it's your individual purchases that have built us up these first 3 years to a level where we CAN stock bigger stores and deal with bulk orders.

So we want to reduce YOUR price, now that we can :) From now on our Itty Bitty Books will be £7 each at our market stall & online (previously £8 and £8.95). Nothing will be changing about how they're made - still printed in NI, still made by hand in our studio, still with ethically sourced beads & a recycled box, just the price getting more Itty Bitty ;)

If you've just purchased an Itty Bitty Book (in the last 3 months) please send me a message - we have a special discount code for you to use on your next purchase.

It might not seem a massive change but we hope you'll see it for what it is - us being honest, giving you the best value we can and choosing Love over Gold :)

Check out our book listings here, there is also a video flip though for each book showing some of the awesome content!

Thanks for reading, have a fab week!
- Astra & Al

  For more info email astra@ittybittybookco.com or call 07809 692 001 :)

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