Stop apologising for the mess!

April 07, 2019

If you come to our house, I probably won’t tidy up before you get here. 

I also won’t apologise for it or ask you to ‘excuse the mess’. I realise this might seem like laziness or be just straight up socially unacceptable to some people! But I have my reasons :) 


The first reason is priorities. Mine go something like; 

1. My sanity/happiness/health 

2. Family, my husband and son. 

Then in no particular order; fun, my business, time in nature, my sisters and extended family, sleep, healthy eating, making a positive impact in the world, keeping fit, adventures, being a good friend, creativity & personal development.


So unless my house is so messy it’s impacting my sanity or my family, it’s just not a priority to me. 


*I feel the need to state here that I’m not talking dirty, crazy bomb site messy… Although you'll get no judgment from me if yours is! I’m talking about floors that need a hoover, messy kitchen/untidy table and kids toys lying about*


The second reason - following on nicely from point 1 is authenticity. If it’s not a priority to me, why should I spend time and effort on it before you visit? That might imply to you that the tidiness of my house is a main priority to me, which it isn’t. 


When I visit a home that is messy, looks lived in, I immediately feel like I can relax and that this person is being open with me. Sharing your messy home is sort of like showing the real you, bare-faced as opposed to made-up… It takes vulnerability which fosters connection and trust.


I think we all see enough ‘perfect’ these days, Instagram is full of the most beautiful, inspiring, could-eat-off-the-floor homes. I’m tired of feeling pressurised to create that in real life.


I want whoever comes to my home to see it as an honest reflection of me, where I am right now, at this point in my life. My home is busy, messy, inspired, loud, comfortable, safe & welcoming. 


And if you come to visit, I hope you’ll see all that and feel a little less pressure to make your home look ‘perfect’ before your next guest arrives.


Let's stop appologising for the mess, there's really no need. 

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