Talking Kindness, Fairness & Respect. Free Printable Posters - Marriage Equality - NI election 2017

February 21, 2017

As part of our ethical business nature, we support a number of charities and causes. I’m sure you guys saw our PICU donations and my recent Young Enterprise involvement? Well this month Al has been donating his design skills to help raise awareness and spread the message of equality. I hope you’ll be inspired to do the same and use these free downloads - they can be printed out or used online & on social media :)

Equal rights & opportunities for all humans is something we believe in very strongly. We believe in kindness, fairness & respect, for everyone.

These things are things that (pretty much) all of our parents taught us growing up, but somewhere along the way, for a lot of people, it got complicated as to what this means in terms of how we act, which laws we accept and who we vote for.

Let’s bring it back to basics. Let’s be kinder to everyone - every single person has their own story that we can’t see. Everyone deserves to be treated fairly, to have the same opportunities, we are all human & none of us is superior to the other. Let’s treat each other with respect - even if we have views different from others, or live in a different way, or we struggle to understand each other, we all still deserve respect.

We have an election coming up here in Northern Ireland, and with it a chance to make a stand. Don’t get sucked into thinking you are powerless or that your vote won’t matter. We have the power! There are a huge amount of people voting for the first time in this election and a huge amount of people changing their vote…

We are asking you to look past the candidates, the posters, the flyers and the flags! To support a party that will treat us all with respect, not just those of us who fit into the same boxes as them.



Click on the links below and they will open up in a separate window which you can then Print or Share to your heart's content - high fives!

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2. FOR PRINTING use these links & save to your computer:


Tag us in your pics so others can download and spread the message far and wide!

If you need specific sizes or dimensions, just send me a message and I'll sort it :) Al.

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