Keeping Kids Happy - Crowdfunder

Keeping Kids Happy - Crowdfunder

We have 10 days left on our crowdfunder! We really hope that we can reach our target and get kids from all our local schools practicing gratitude :) 

gratitude banner for kids.

You hear parents say it all the time "I just want my child to be happy, that's most important" but kids don't often stay happy unless they practice positive mental health & unfortunately most kids here aren't learning how.

We are on a mission to introduce simple and fun positive mental health practices to students and teachers. By fundrasing, we can provide gratitude journals free of charge to local schools. Schools are the perfect place to introduce high impact, self-care tools because it means that ALL kids get to benefit. And Gratitude Journals are a perfect starting point for kids to learn about mental health because it's evidence-based, simple, fun and the effects last for months after you stop journalling!

We know that keeping kids happy is something everyone can get behind. But I don't think anyone needs to feel overwhelmed or pressured to do something huge. There are enough good people here that we can really make a difference if we each do something! Little things - Big Impact!

why gratitude? how gratitude helps positive mental health

Northern Ireland is in a crisis situation. We have, by far the Uk’s worst mental health outcomes and the least provision of professional care. Without a functioning government, there is little hope that the help and support we need will come from our government agencies, health care providers or education authority any time soon. 

But we are not helpless. We as individuals can turn this crisis around if we want to! 

We believe it'll take 3 main steps. 

• Most importantly we must look after ourselves, we must practice self-care and learn how to positively impact our own mental health.  

• We must also stay connected with our family and friends. Positive social connections are the biggest indicators for a long and healthy life! We need to talk about our struggles, feelings and banish the negative stigma of mental illness. Making more of an effort to show support to loved ones is something we can all do. 

• Lastly, we have to promote simple, positive mental health practices in our schools and workplaces. Not everyone has access to (even basic) information on mental health, and that has to change! 

gratitude journal. positive mental health. gratitude journalling

Gratitude journaling works on all 3 of those points. For yourself and your own self-care, to strengthen connections and make a habit of checking in with feelings and is a simple practice to bring into schools and workplaces.

Writing 3 new things you're grateful for each day for 30 days is one of the simplest, most effective & proven methods of improving your mental health. It works with kids and adults. It’s impactful whether you are struggling or already completely content. The benefits last months after you finish the 30 days & it’s a tool you can go back to and use again at any point in your life. 

Other proven effects of gratitude include;
• Higher levels of creativity
• Higher levels of motivation
• Better self regulation & co-operation
• Better problem solving
• Longer attention span
• Less negative & depressive thoughts
• Fewer symptoms of illness (sick days)
• More generous behaviour
• More positive social connections
• Higher sense of purpose & hopefulness about the future

This is why we believe kids need to learn this fun and simple tool early in life! We need to be teaching kids how to STAY happy and look after their mental health! 

If you agree, please take a minute to check out and share our fundraiser, we only have 10 days left! 

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