Itty Bitty Christmas Gift Guide: The most thoughtful gifts

November 14, 2016

Christmas is coming! Before we know it we'll be surrounded by the smell of Christmas dinner, sitting in shredded wrapping paper and hopefully seeing how pleased everyone is with the gifts they've received, but first theres a lot of shopping to do! With so many presents to buy, its hard to know exactly what to get everyone. Well don't worry we've got just about every family member narrowed down so you can win the prize for getting everyone the most personal presents this year! Happy shopping! 


1. The fun-loving Aunt... We've all got one, she's fun, loud, always up for a good time and a bit of a joker. 

We think our 'Dance in the rain' print would suit her perfectly, an optimistic print for the easy-going fun lover.

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2. Granny and Grandpa ... The matriarch and patriarch of the family, there is no feeling better like spending cosy Sunday afternoons with them at their home. 

Where better would a 'Happy Place' be best suited? 

Happy Place, Linen Wall Banner, Irish Craft, Linen, craft, craft and Design, Itty Bitty Book Co, Thoughtful Gifts


3. The niece and nephews! You know for certain the little rascals are going to get snowed under with presents from Santa Claus, so what do you buy the kids that have everything?

This year why not get them our '3 little birds print' , 'blow bubbles' & 'smile when its raining' prints for a nice addition to their rooms. You could even request to have their names added to the prints for an extra personal present! 

Kids Room, House Goals, Bob Marley Print, 3 Little Birds, Smile, Quotes, Itty Bitty Book Co, Happy Quotes, Quotes to live by


4. The gym-junkie brother, he's obsessed with protein shakes, eating & of course sports & working out. 

Keep him motivated with the 'Hustle' print & the Itty Bitty Book of Motivation

Hustle, Prints, Irish Craft, Craft and Design, Gym, Motivation


5. Your 16 year-old cousin, she's a little bit of a drama queen & always keeps you up-to-date with the on-goings on the millennial generation. 

An Itty Bitty Book of Positivity would be perfect for her or a 'Happy girls' Audrey Hepburn inspired print. 

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6. Your boyfriend/girlfriend... You want to get them a gift they'll LOVE, something personal, perfect and memorable.

The 'Home' print sums up you guys perfectly and would make the perfect keep-sake this Christmas. 

Home, Prints, Itty Bitty Book Co, Irish Craft, Craft and Design


7. Your superwoman Mum. She does everything for everyone and will be the one rushed off her feet making sure everybody in the family has an epic Christmas.

The 'Love Over Gold' banner is your Mum's ethos and will guarantee bring a little happy tear to her eye on Christmas morning. 

Love Over Gold, Wall Banner, Home Decor, Linen, Irish Craft, Quotes, Craft and Design, Itty Bitty Book Co


8. Your best-friend, they're your rock, basically your soulmate and partner in crime rolled into one. 

Treat them to an Inspiration Box and let them know how much you appreciate them this Christmas. 

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