Itty Bitty Book Co on tour: Cork!

Another eventful week for the business, there really is no such thing as a dull moment. Amongst production been busier than ever and a new business campaign launching in a matter of days the business was going on tour down South (The Republic of Ireland to all our non-Irish readers!) this time to the beautiful County of Cork.  

Astra teamed up with the 'Going South Initiative' a wonderful programme between Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council. The programme involves businesses from our local area been mentored with the end goal of business prospecting in Cork. In other words basically creating relationships between Lisburn & Cork businesses, connecting Irish business and generating business leads! 

As you know expanding Itty Bitty Book Co across online platforms as well in-store retail stockists is a major focus for the business. So thats why the 'Going South Initiative' was perfect for us. We love meeting like-minded businesses and people who we can learn from whilst also sharing our passion and our products with.


Whilst visiting County Cork a few of the stops along the way included; Kilarney, Cork City, Clonakilty, Blarney and Astra even managed a quick trip to the beach! ;) 

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Along each of her stops Astra got to visit a variety of lovely gift-shops and chat more about Itty Bitty Book Co and all things business. 

Wining and dining... 

Aside from touring around the county meeting fabulous gift-shop owners' a dinner was held in honour of the 'Going South Initiative'. Hosted by the Mayor of County Cork guests included all the businesses involved  in the programme including Macroom E Enterprise & Local Enterprise Office South Cork, councillors and representatives from both Lisburn and Castlereigh City Council and Cork County Council! Astra was also lucky enough to be seated at the County Cork Mayor's table, Seamus McGrath and had a great evening networking and chatting with all the other guests. 

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Itty Bitty's new home 

I think its fair to say the trip was successful not only did Astra get to explore a beautiful part of the country but the trip was full of learning experiences and creating hopefully lasting business relationships. I  am also proud to say a few new 'homes' have been found for our Itty Bitty Book Co products! From the business prospecting elements of the programme Astra was lucky enough to secure business in shops she visited. So good news to all our friends in County Cork there will be an Itty Bitty Book Co stockist very close to you!

 Until the next time Cork! :) 

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