Happy 2016 - The Year Of Gratitude (& Hydration!)

IT'S 2016!!! And yes we *can* believe it :)

It seems like a lot of people we know are so happy to be leaving 2015 and starting a new chapter of their lives. Some New Years (to me) seem to be a celebration of the year past, a real 'end with a bang!' type of event - which is great fun. Some other years seem to feel more like a fond farewell, a gentle release of the season passed and a welcoming of the new, more about looking forward than back?

I think for us this year was definitely the latter, I'm not seeing it as a bad thing, just different. Calmer, definitely calmer! A positive of that is that instead of running full speed into the new year, new plans etc we've found ourselves looking deeper into our hearts and making plans to focus even more on what makes us happy. This year for our business, we will allow more change and release the things that are not inspiring us or working perfectly (or are just really hard work!) and follow the sparks of excitement, the things we are passionate about more freely. Surely this will be a good thing for Itty Bitty as well as us personally?! 

When I'm trying to leave anything behind, I normally find myself super focused on what it is I want and how I'm going to get it. This year though I'm feeling myself resisting the pull of the 'new', the thing I want or am working towards... I'm trying to be a little more in the moment, I've no fear that I won't get to where I'm supposed to be (I've got the formula haha see pic below), so I'm focusing more on gratitude. I have to consciously decide to think/talk about what's great, what is working and what I love - as well as what I want and am working towards.


I'm liking my new balance of gratitude and motivation :)

On a personal note I'm really excited about 2016, I'm going to be doing more cooking/juicing and experimenting in the kitchen - things I love that seem to get pushed aside in the busy seasons of my life. I'm also going to be doing Shaun T's insanity workout again to shake off the cobwebs and get me feeling energetic and full of vitality again :) (I feel like I should admit Ive not ever done the whole 30 days straight! lol)

And this year is also the year that I'll get into the habit of drinking enough water, it's happening!

I hope you had a lovely restful, happy holiday and are enjoying the start of this year, I'd love to hear your thoughts on last year and on gratitude vs motivation at this time of year.

I'll leave you with my favourite pictures of our crazy busy christmas season :) 

Itty Bitty Book Co family :)

Itty Bitty Book Co family :)

Astra McNicholl
Astra McNicholl


Co-Founder of Itty Bitty Book Co, positivity ambassador, wife, mother and all round happy person ?✌?