New Inspirational and Motivational designs by Itty Bitty Book Co

The last few weeks have been so much fun here in the studio! A few reasons; Christmas market prep always gets us buzzing, we all love Autumn... But really it's because we've all clicked into the roles we are passionate about...

Beck in the Itty Bitty Book Co studio

Al has been designing flat out, all the quotes we've earmarked throughout the year are finally coming to life! Becky has (as well as making) been in organisation mode using her maths brain to make sure we have everything sorted, seriously I'd be lost without her. And I've been working on this shiny new website (!!!), promoting more positivity on our social channels *see links at the footer ;)* and had time to spend on fun collaborations like our awesome Bright Box that we did with Rachel from Arbee. 

Home Design by Itty Bitty Book Co

Happiness is only real when shared - Itty Bitty Book Co design

I've known for a while that we should be moving in the direction of spending more time on the things we are passionate about and less time on the things that don't bring us joy or excitement. I think we all know that? But it can take time and a lot of work to move yourself and your career/business in that direction. (This will be our 3rd Christmas with Itty Bitty Book Co.) It's definitely worth every bit of effort it takes though and the last few weeks have only inspired me to follow this idea further...

What would you do if you weren't afraid Design by Itty Bitty Book Co.

 I'd love to hear where others are with this idea, are you also working towards this? Are you stuck with it always on the horizon? Have you got there? (If so share some tips!)  

Stay Positive!
Astra x

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