Happiness Printables | incl Happy Hormones & Gratitude worksheet.

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This set of colourful printables will help you to bring positive change into your daily life. This set comes free when you purchase our eBook 'Stop Kicking Happiness Down The Road' (£6).

Happy Hormones

The Happy Hormones print out is a useful and beautiful tool to help you keep your happiness and positive mental health a priority. Put it somewhere that you'll see it every day and start to become more aware of your daily activities in relation to your happiness. Fantastic to put up in classrooms and offices too!

Joy List

Joy lists are simply put, a list of things that bring you joy. They are a brilliant way to recognise the small common moments that add to our overall happiness but are easily overlooked. Once we write them down we are much more likely to notice those little moments more often but also actively seek them out. If you're having a bad week it's also great to have a joy list to pick a few things off and schedule them in over the next few days to help turn your vibe around.

Connections List

Our social connections are the biggest predictor of happiness and health. Every positive little interaction you share with another human adds to you becoming a happier and healthier version of yourself. So that weekly chat with your grandparents, the small talk with your delivery driver and your coffee dates with friends - they all have a much bigger impact than you might think! Writing out those moments of regular connections in your life can help you appreciate and build on them.

Gratitude Worksheet

7 Day Gratitude Sheet is a great way to try gratitude journaling. The benefits of recording 3 new things your thankful for each day include lower stress levels, higher optimism, better sleep and stronger social connections! It's one of the simplest and best-proven methods of bringing more happiness into your life!

This set of printables was designed especially to complement the content of our eBook, which is filled with small steps and simple science to bring back the happy version of you!

If you've already purchased the eBook just use the code that is given in the book during checkout and you won't pay a penny.

Print Instructions

For best results please follow these recommendations when printing your files at home.

  • Use the highest quality A4 paper you have access to. Not photo paper as this isn't meant to be written on!
  • Choose A4 borderless in your print settings.
  • Choose landscape orientation.
  • Choose the highest/best quality print settings.

Happy Hormones is an A4 print. Gratitude, Joy and connections printables are A5, so once they print just cut the page in half to separate the designs.

You can print these out as many times as you like for personal use.

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