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If you'd like to share something about our business, THANK YOU, please feel free to use anything from this page and contact us if you need anything else - we're happy to answer questions and help any way we can.

When we started Itty Bitty Book Co back in 2013, we had no idea if anyone would 'get it' but we were overwhelmed with the positive reaction we instantly received!  We are incredibly grateful to every person and organisation that has championed us or helped to shine a light on what we are doing in any way. 💕




Husband & wife team Al McNicholl (Owner / Graphic Designer) & Astra McNicholl (Owner / Maker Product Designer).




A bit of background (including quitting our jobs!)

  • Itty Bitty is a growing family business with a mission to raise happiness levels through our positive thinking products!
  • We believe everyone deserves to be happy. Happiness matters because it massively impacts all our lives, from health to relationships to career and financial success.
  • We are an ethical and environmentally conscious business, our products help people to focus on the positives in every day.
  • Family-owned business based in County Antrim, Northern Ireland husband and wife team Al and Astra McNicholl have both worked full-time on Itty Bitty Book Co since its creation in 2013. 'We believe in chasing our dreams, and aren't scared of taking risks! Al and I both quit our jobs to start Itty Bitty, our son was 3 months old at the time which made things slightly more challenging - but we wouldn't change a thing now'.
  • We won the 'Pitch Perfect' competition for start ups which allowed us to trade at the Belfast Continental Market. Within 6 months we had sold thousands of handmade Itty Bitty Books and been featured on multiple radio stations and local papers. We also expanded our product range and donated £2000 to Friends of PICU; a childrens hospital charity.
  • Since then Itty Bitty has expanded to supply over 25 independent retailers in Ireland & the UK, as well as growing an online following of passionate supporters from all over the world.
  • Itty Bitty Book Co was recognised as one of the 'Best of Belfast' businesses and introduced to The Duke of Edinburgh when he and the Queen visited Northern Ireland.



Mentions & Media

These are some of the magazines, tv/radio stations and newspapers that have interviewed, featured us and/or our products.

Other notable mentions:

I was recently asked to be a guest on a business strategy podcast where I talk in detail about nearly every aspect of our business. If you'd like to listen you can find it on Paul MacAnallen's Shift-Control site.

Local TV show Northern Visions asked me to be part of a panel talking about stress management, during this interview I also touch on positive thinking and how it can impact kids.

In 2016 we were featured in Visit Belfast Christmas Gift Guide along with other fantastic local businesses.

Astra became a mother and a social entrepreneur at the same time, I talk about that and how the two journies have affected each other on Kirsty Elwoods blog 'In The Mother Hood'



Customer Feedback

We've had some amazing mentions over the years, the most meaningful to us being the personal stories that our customers share with us:

'My itty bitty books are just perfect. High quality and beautifully packaged. I would definitely recommend this item. All topped off with excellent and friendly service too' - Sabrina Halpin

'Adorable little books. Made really beautifully, very cute and great as presents or for yourself. Would really recommend this company :)' - Victoria Wilson

'I was so thrilled with the last recipients feedback to my surprise gift I ordered another one, 100% flawless service, thank you so much!' - Karen Guy

'Fab! The book sets are absolutely beautiful! Can’t wait to give them to my friends' - Nicole G

'I bought this for my sister in law who's mum had just died, this book was perfect. It said all the things I didn't know how to and my sister in law said she finds it comforting. Great product, excellent price' - Denise Airey

'This book was perfect for my friend who is going through a rough patch overseas. Thanks!' - Emily Griffin

'Beautiful gift for someone going through a difficult time. Cutest little book which came in the cutest little gift box! Very quick delivery and shop owner was a pleasure to deal with. So happy with my purchase!' - Shona Cushnahan

'I just wanted to say a massive thank you! To you and Al, I recently bought my mum the little book of strength & it's cheered her up no end. Every morning she has read a page and it has really helped! So thank you again and what a lovely cause that you both support! I will be back to see you’s soon xx' - Beverley Close

'I love this, it's so cute and a really good selection of quotes. It brings a smile to my face to read and makes me feel positive' - Hannah Curson

'Beautiful photos didn't even do justice to how amazing my Itty bitty parcel was :) For a very special and unique gift I would recommend one to all. A very speedy delivery also....extremely happy customer :)' - Caroline Jones

'Gorgeous and absolutely perfect - what lovely people too! Thank you!' - Jenny Smyth

'Great product. Lovely books. The service I received from the Company was second to none. Seriously impressed. Cannot recommend them highly enough. Will definitely buy from them again :-)' - R.McKinley

'Shipped on time. Great gift for my daughter who is doing a challenging course' - Diane Hume

'Lovely wee book, perfect thing to cheer you or a friend up on a bad day. Lovely service too :)' - Jools Corry

'I cannot rate this company highly enough!! The customer service from Al was unbelievable!! He went completely above and beyond to ensure I had my order in time for a Christmas gift. Greatly appreciated! Fantastic to see a local business doing well, I love the products available and they are always well received by friends and family. My order arrived with lovely packaging with a hand written thank you note inside, which I thought was a lovely personal touch!' - Megan Cecilla

'I was given my book of positivity by my lovely friend and have read it twice today! It really does work it's up on my fireplace so it's always in view!' Aimee Smithers

'The quotes are amazing and very uplifting. Actually was able to carry in my purse and share with others. Great little book for the price. And company was very responsive and customer servicing :)' - D.Coursey

'Very sweet and my cousin loved it. Definitely will get this as a gift for someone else soon. Thank you, Astra!!'  - Farisa Ahmed

'I met Al & Astra at St.Georges market, Belfast, when I was on holiday a few years ago. I run mindfulness courses and use their cards as part of an activity at the end of the each course. Participants write the cards to themselves about how they are going to use what they learned, and I post the cards back to them a few weeks later. The cards work really well because they express some of the key points of mindfulness such as 'Live in the moment'.  And the participants love them and feel appreciated - much better than just giving them a blank piece of paper'  - Alan, NEW Mindfulness.

‘I was sent a lovely quote which was simply black text on a white background. I was very moved by the phrase so contacted Itty Bitty Book Co to liven it up. I gave very little direction regarding how I wanted it to look other than I wanted a nature picture behind the text. I was presented with such a beautiful design with a gorgeous picture behind it which I learned was taken on a family holiday by the owners, making it more special than a standard Google picture. Being presented with the large frame was a lovely experience and I found the whole process quick and simple. The helpful team kept me up to date with my order status and I am very thankful for my print which I see and appreciate daily’  - Julie Hewitt

'I started the daily gratitude challenge at the height of what I would have typically found a very stressful time, I was in the middle of finishing my final university exams and starting two new jobs but also found myself becoming stressed by everyday situations. However, since starting and continuing the daily gratitude challenge I have genuinely found myself becoming less stressed out and noticing the numerous things to be grateful for every day. Practising gratitude has become part of my daily routine, I actually don’t feel right if I miss a day! The gratitude challenge keeps reminding me that it really is the little things which make the biggest difference to our continuous happiness!’ - Ellen Grimshaw

'Amazing products from an amazing company!' - Ker Haz




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