Screen Printing Part Three

September 25, 2016

The third part of our screen printing series is here! (Click here for part one & part two)

So you've read why and how our screen printing journey came to be and you've seen just how we do it at home in our screen printing workshop! So I think all that is now left for me to do is let you see our six wall banner designs! 

The first design we created was 'Happy Place' purely because its a fitting quote and we all have our 'happy place.' We then decided to create the same happy place banner in Irish with translations that were greatly appreciated from the Culturlann  and with their help the 'Ait Shona' wall banner was made! 

Happy Place, Quotes, Irish Craft, Wall Banner, Quotes To Live By, Happy Home, Home Decor, Screen Printing, Itty Bitty Book Co
We love Ireland. From when he was a child Al and his family would frequently go on holiday to Donegall and we even used to live in County Mayo, so as a country Ireland is very important to us. Even the fact that the banners are made from Irish linen (something which the country is famous for) it only seemed appropriate that we print the traditional Irish language onto the material.

Ait Shona, Happy Place, Irish Craft, Irish Translation, Screen Printing, Craft and Design,

Other designs of our mini wall banners which we have created is 'Choose Love' which really speaks for itself a great motto which so many choose to live by. And last but not least my personal favourite 'Love Over Gold' a great motto which we all can learn from.  This is also the tagline used by our good friend Marion who actually supplies us with our Irish linen. (I'm sure you've read about her in other posts but if not click here.) 

Choose Love, Happy Quotes, Screen Printing, Irish Craft, Linen, Home Decor

Love Over Gold, Irish Craft, Irish Linen, Screen Printing

 So there you have it our four mini banner designs, now for the other two! We created two slightly larger banners bearing the quote 'This is the Life' in both the English and Irish language. A beautiful quote, perfect for your home, it really makes you think. We hope that the Irish language banners are appreciated by both residents of Ireland and people who visit and appreciate this beautiful country. 

Irish Language, This Is The Life, Screen Printing, Irish craft, Ireland, Irish Linen, Handmade

This Is The Life, Irish Craft, Screen Printing, Irish Banners, Made At Home, Screen Printing, Handmade, Itty Bitty Book Co

So what is next for us on our screen printing journey? Well we aim to keep using Irish linen and coming up with more and more Irish translation quotes with 'Ait Shona' & 'Seo An Soal' just being the beginning. Watch this space you might even see a new design ready in time for day we say it.. (Christmas!) 

To view our banners on our online shop please click here :) 

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