Screen Printing Irish linen in our home studio *VIDEO* Part Two

In our last post about screen printing I talked about the origins of our screen printing journey (See screen printing part one post) today as promised you can go behind the scenes and look at what goes into creating an Itty Bitty wall banner. Please watch the demo video of Al busy in the workshop printing our mini-banners. 

 As a handmade craft business we think its important you get to see how your products are made before they arrive to you! So please enjoy the video and as always feel free to share our story with others! As well as the video check out a few action shots taken during the screen printing process! 


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 Tomorrow the final instalment of our screen printing series will be live! You'll get to see our six wall banner designs as I talk about them in more detail and get to show them off! I love each of them, four are available in English and two are available in the Irish language but more on that later! Happy watching! 

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Astra McNicholl
Astra McNicholl


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