Random Acts of Kindness and how they can benefit your own life. Plus a special offer on our happy cards!

Be kind. It’s good for you… Literally!


It’s been scientifically proven that doing good does you good!

The science - Doing good, makes you happier, simple. By doing random acts of kindness you will see more good in the world and it's good for your self-esteem because you’ll be a part of making that good happen! It's also encouraging to note that kindness is contagious, people are more likely to do something nice for someone else if they have recently been the recipient of a kind act.

In terms of your mental health, acts of kindness promote the ‘positive physiological changes in the brain associated with happiness’ basically elevating your dopamine hormones and giving the sense of a natural high, this natural high is often referred to as 'a helpers high'. Showing kindness to others impacts on your happiness, Fact.

It just doesn’t pay to be kind mentally but also physically! Oxytocin is a hormone produced through emotional warmth, e.g when we get that ‘warm fuzzy feeling’ that’s often produced from showing kindness is responsible for reducing free radicals slowing down ageing right at its source. That’s right just been kind can slow down the ageing process. How cool is that? Hold the anti-wrinkle cream, just be kinder!

In reference to kindness, we can learn a lot from practising kindness and compassion. According to a research study, the Tibetan Buddhist whose lovingkindness meditation when practised is shown to reduce inflammation in the body and regulate your heart rate!

So there you have it, acts of kindness, compassion and doing good are both mentally and physically beneficial. Aside from the personal benefits its comforting to know that by taking action and practising kindness you are are also impacting on somebody’s life for the better. In other words, you don’t know just how much someone is going to value your act of kindness and how it will make them feel.


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How? - There are plenty of ways that you can practice kindness or be a more compassionate person.

You don’t have to go out and donate all your life savings to charity or adopt dozens of disadvantaged animals! (Well… if you can you should, but if you can’t don’t worry)

It’s the little things that matter. Whether you offer someone on the bus your seat, let someone go in front of you in the queue at the supermarket or simply pay someone a compliment. There are everyday actions we can take that make us kinder people.

Start small. Even smiling at a stranger is a good place to start.

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Get involved - We love the idea of random acts of kindness so much we started our own! It's the Positivity Takeover, an on-going act of kindness/pay it forward campaign that you can get involved with. Basically, we actively place our ‘happy cards’ all over the world for people to find some kind words and positivity to pass on, creating a continuous wave of acts of kindness. 
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Astra McNicholl
Astra McNicholl


Co-Founder of Itty Bitty Book Co, positivity ambassador, wife, mother and all round happy person!