Positivity Takeover Launch. Pay it Forward, Random acts of Kindness idea!

Promoting Positivity 

On the news we don't see enough positive stories and often with all the terrible things going on in the world we often assume that there is no good left. I believe that isn't the case. There is plenty of good in the world you just have to look for it, or create it! As you know our philosophy is based on #PromotingPositivity and I thought no better way to create a positive buzz and place happy cards from our Itty Bitty Books around Ireland and wherever I go.. Who will find them? Anyone of course.

The project is called the #PositivityTakeOver and we want whoever finds the happy cards to let us know! Take a picture of it or tell us how it made you feel. I think there's something very rewarding knowing that those little happy cards might change someones whole day or mind-set. This give us an opportunity to create positive news and really get our message out there into the world. As the movement grows we'll be regularly putting up tweets, Instagram and Facebook posts of where we have left the happy cards. If you find one put it up on your social page, tag us, we'd love to see the message spreading. 

To launch the campaign we've enlisted the help of 20 blogging friends to get our happy cards out into the world in local places across Ireland and farther afield in Madrid and even Texas! We will be taking to the streets of Belfast (September 16th) to spread the message and hand out happy cards to get the movement going. 

Join the movement 

We even have little bundles of pages available online and you can join the #PositivityTakeOver movement. Or if you find one of the happy cards when your out and about pick it up, read and pay it forward! Leave it in another location for someone to find and be apart of spreading positivity to others. Buy your Positivity Takeover pages here!

Luke our epic photographer took these photographs of places he left some of the pages, giving us all a little bit of inspiration of ideas of where to put the pages and showing you where you might find them! 

Pay Forward, Positive News, City Takeover, Good News Belfast, Irish Craft, Spread Joy, Positivity

Positive Story, Street Art, Handmade, Happy Quotes, Pay It Forward Happy News, Good Story, Positivity, Handmade Quotes. Irish Craft

As the #PositivityTakeOver grows you'll be hearing more and more about it! So bare with me and watch this space! We can't wait to see where this takes us. 

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