Free 'Daily Gratitude Challenge' download! Positivity & the science behind gratitude.

Gratitude is (I think) the easiest way to be happier!

Our brains have an annoying habbit of focusing on the negative - giving the bad stuff more attention than the good stuff... This was great 1000's of years ago, when our lives consisted of running from bears and relying on our cautionary brains to keep us safe... But these days THANK GOODNESS most of us are pretty safe and this inclination does more harm than good - causing anxiety, depression and basically stealing our joy!

We try and balance things out with our little reminders, Posters, Books and Cards :)

What else can we do about it? - One way that's been proven and is super simple is to write down 3 new things you're grateful for everyday, start small, it doesn't have to be anything massive! 

The science - it works by 'training' your brain to scan the world for positives, after just 21 days you'll have adjusted your natural perception of reality! You'll literally notice more of the good things in everyday life and so, focus less on the negatives. An added amazing benefit is that the effects of this more positive mindset last long after the 21 days - up to 6 months!!!

You know our mission is to promote positivity - and we want to help as many people as possible, take the 21 day gratitude challenge!

To help you get into the habit we've made you a beautiful free gratitude challenge worksheet! You can print it out at home - as many times as you like!
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Sources include: Articles and books by positive psychologists Martin Seligam, Shawn Achor. 

Astra McNicholl
Astra McNicholl


Co-Founder of Itty Bitty Book Co, positivity ambassador, wife, mother and all round happy person ?✌?