Lucky Dip Boxes - Happy mail boxes - Care packages bursting with positive vibes!

August 18, 2016


Have you ever seen something that you just know is the perfect gift? You then immediately smile because you know the person you are going to share it with is going to love it as much as you. I'm not talking about the flashy presents, not the expensive jewellery or the high-tech gadgets but the presents that are the absolute image of the person's personality. The presents that might not be the most expensive but they are the ones people cherish and fondly remember receiving. The presents that become the recipitents go-to favourite and whether they show everyone or its a thoughtful gift between you two, you know they appreciate it. Maybe its just me but I actually get excited when these opportunities arise and I physically can't wait to give the lucky friend their present whatever it may be!  

For me this is the joy in sharing gifts, getting someone something that is perfect, we hope that our Lucky Dip boxes give you 'that smile' when you open them whether you intend to share its contents with those friends that 'relate' to certain quotes on the cards and prints as much as you and will get the same knowing smile you did. Or maybe you'll keep your favourite items for yourself as you need your own Lucky Dip box of positivity. Whatever your plan is, check out the video to see for yourself what positivity and loveliness awaits you inside!

Each of these fabulous, fun and funky Lucky Dip box contains;
1 Itty Bitty Book - filled with beautifully designed quotes, in a cute recycled gift box
1x Best selling 10x8 Print
1x Happy Greetings Card
2x Mounted Inspirational Prints - 8x8 and 8x10 inches
2x 5x5 Inspirational Quote Prints
2x Itty Bitty Quote Badges!

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With such a big selection of products its often difficult to pick what you actually want , thats how we came up with the idea of our Lucky Dip Boxes. Were passionate about all our designs but we wanted to include a selection of our best-sellers available for you. Thats why each box variation has been hand-picked by us and we promise you'll love whats inside! 

Along with our best-selling cards and prints you will receive one of our Itty Bitty Books the first and original Itty Bitty product. Inside your box you will either be given; help to gain strength, make a change with positivity or find success with motivation. I think part of the fun and excitement about these boxes is your not quite sure what your going to get in yours but it will be amazing and each book has a message you can learn from and appreciate.

I had such fun creating this little video showcasing one of our Lucky Dip boxes, I feel it really captures the joy they hold and you are given a direct look at what your Lucky Dip box will look like (every box contains different designs - to keep it a surprise!). I hope you enjoy sending these boxes just as much as we enjoy creating them! Spread positivity within yourself or send to that friend that you know will appreciate and relate to its contents. Happy sending! Here is the link: 

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