Itty Bitty Book co was at #SocEntEx17 in Edinburgh last week!

#SocEntEx17 is the 'Social Enterprise Exchange Marketplace' but I'm sure you knew that already ; ) Itty Bitty Book Co is a social enterprise because of our misson to improve mental health outcomes through positivity and the ethical nature of how we run our business. Basically we try and make a positive social impact and give back whenever we can.

#SocEntEx17 is the biggest Social Enterprise gathering in Europe and is held in the stunning city of Edinburgh (not that we had time to explore!). We heard about the oportunity to exhibit there through Social Enterprise NI and we were lucky enough to recieve a bursery covering travel, accomodation and the exhibition space at the event! Massive thank you to Social Enterprise NI who organised (and paid for) our trip it was such a valuable experience! 

I traveled over with 20+ delegates from NI on Monday night and set up our display early Tuesday morning. As you guys know we've done one or two markets before but this was actually our very first trade show! So I didn't know exactly what to expect!

The day was fantastic, I was hugely inspired to see SO MANY awesome social enterprises. There are social businesses in every single sector! Financial organisations, gift shops, stationary suppliers, graphic designers, production companies, chocolate makers, lawyers, life coaches, recycling business's & even befriending charities! It reminded me to shop social - all these businesses are 'doing well by doing good' and I really believe this is the future of business. Wouldn't it be great if ALL businesses had a 'social' side, even some small focus that was for the benefit of others? 

I did a quick FB live video while I was there and I tried to showcase a few of my favourite NI social enterprises for you as well as show off our stand :)


In conclusion - the future of business is most definitely social ;) I had an awesome time and thank you to everyone who wished me luck, came by the stand and bought from me on the day, it meant so much!

(now if only my shipping would arrive back from Scotland that would be great haha!.. Seriously though please send happy-post-arriving-thoughts to my lost boxes!)

Astra McNicholl
Astra McNicholl


Co-Founder of Itty Bitty Book Co, positivity ambassador, wife, mother and all round happy person ?✌?