Inspirational stories from amazing Itty Bitty customers! Meet Molly Fekkes!

We love hearing inspiring stories from awesome people. We also love nothing more than when we hear that our products are helping you live your best most positive life! It’s what we originally set out to do when we launched Itty Bitty Book Co.

Just recently a remarkable young woman got in touch with us, out of the blue we received a lovely email from her which just made everybody in the studio smile.

It's my pleasure to introduce you to Molly Fekkes the person behind the email who decided to get in touch with us!

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Molly is from our very own Northern Ireland, Larne to be exact and in a lot of ways she's  just like any other 19 year old! However for the past two years, unfortunately, Molly’s health has taken, what she describes, as a rollercoaster ride. After spending periods of time, constantly in and out of hospital she eventually was hospitalised in London. Whilst in London in Molly was diagnosed with an extremely rare and incurable disorder called: Non-specific Periodic Fever Syndrome. It's an incredibly rare illness that only affects 1 in 10 million people.

After this life changing diagnosis Molly became inspired to raise awareness for her condition. Non-specific Periodic Fever Syndrome is largely an unheard of condition, something which she wants to help change. Molly plans on doing so by tackling the world famous 2017 Virgin Money London Marathon! Which is a mammoth 26.2 miles, all of which she will be running solo. The charity Molly is choosing to support is Genetic Disorders UK a charity, close to her heart which she feels very passionate about supporting. This is an outstanding goal to set, it takes not only fantastic physical health & fitness but also is extremely mentally demanding, you have to be prepared and the best version of yourself to really give your all to such a challenge. 

But where does Itty Bitty Book Co come into this? Well, our trio of books; Strength, Motivation and Positivity have been a source of encouragement to Molly throughout her marathon training! We think this is fantastic and love that our little books have helped to give Molly a boost through her training and encouraging her to keep going!

‘…your itty bitty books of strength, positivity and motivation are really helping me power through my training even on those glum raining evenings when I’d much rather be in front of the TV with a cuppa!’ (Molly giving a very relatable account of how the books are motivating her training efforts)

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A personal favourite quote for Molly from the range of books is; “what defines us is how well we rise after falling…” (Taken from the book of strength) This really sums up Molly as a person in our opinion and we are all really rooting for her, in these final months of marathon prep!

‘I’m so overwhelmed to have the Itty Bitty Book Company backing me through this incredibly surreal journey alongside my family, friends and medical teams. Without you all, I wouldn’t be here doing what I’m doing today!

“Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you greater than any obstacle” (Another of Molly’s favourite Itty Bitty Book Co quotes, that inspires her journey.)

We really admire Molly for her outlook and drive, there is definitely nothing watering her self-belief and her decision to implement positivity into her life even at challenging times.

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Molly is proof that going through a challenging time does not have to define you, we are all capable of showing courage and determination even in the most difficult of times. Hopefully, there's something we can all take from her amazing mindset... I know I'm going to work out this week after writing this! lol  

‘Anything really is possible with a positive mind, “Nothing is Impossible. The word itself says ‘I’m Possible’ (Molly on positivity with another favourite Itty Bitty quote.)

We are so grateful that Molly decided to get in touch with us, and we're proud to be supporting her on her mission. If you would like to find out more about Molly and her journey please take a look at her Just Giving page here.

To also find out about the Genetic Disorders UK charity take a look at their website. You might even be familiar with their ‘Jeans for Gene’s’ campaign.

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As we said we love, love, love hearing how Itty Bitty Book Co is helping you feel strength through hardship, motivation to keep going through challenges and of course positivity improving your outlook on life! As always please get in touch with us if you have an inspiring story to share! 

Astra McNicholl
Astra McNicholl


Co-Founder of Itty Bitty Book Co, positivity ambassador, wife, mother and all round happy person!