Customised Quote. Congratulations John Paul and Claire!

Recently we had the incredible honour of being part of a proposal! It was such a buzz, we were all so excited and so happy for the lovely and super sweet couple! 

John Paul contacted Al with an idea for a custom design he wanted to give to Claire on the day he proposed. He told us a bit about how he planned to propose to her and where - a place they both love. Fantastic eh?!

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The design

Al - 'I wanted to create a bespoke design that was really personal to them. John Paul gave me a good idea of the colours etc that he wanted, and the words he chose are of special significance to both of them, which was wonderful. I couldn't wait to get started!'

'I instantly thought it would be nice to have a world element as the centre piece of the design - so after a few free hand sketches (& some crumpled up paper!) I had the graphic I was looking for'.

'After hearing John Paul was going to propose on the beach and it's a place that Claire especially loves, I felt that was a perfect backdrop for the overall design. So I found a great pic from our recent trip to Donegal of a secret beach we found whilst hiking'. 

'I finished it by displaying the words in some beautiful retro fonts that compliment each other and creating a nice balance of bold and elegant'.

'After showing John Paul I was so happy (and a bit relieved) that he loved it!'

 Here is the finished design:

Love Quote, Handmade, Customised, Proposal, Engagement, Positive, Happy Story

Astra - 'They dream of a home in Donegal so the background photo, as well as reminding them of the moment they got engaged, we hope it'll remind them that all their dreams can come true' :)

Once we had it framed he collected it super sneakily one evening a few days before the big day:

John Paul with his custom designed quote.

We were all so excited and couldn't wait to hear how it all went! Thankfully John Paul didn't keep us waiting too long :) 

She said yes!

John Paul - 'Absolutely over the moon, and Claire balled her eyes out at your picture. Can't put into words how special it is, and we both can't wait to see you at St.Georges very soon! Thanks again for everything!'

John Paul & Claire:

The happy couple!

Framed and hanging pride of place in their kitchen:

Finished design framed.

How incredibly sweet are these two?! We are just so pleased to have been part of it all. We wish John Paul & Claire so much love and happiness together. Astra.


If you've got a quote you love and would like Al to work his magic on it, he'd be happy to chat to you & send you through our custom design prices :)

  Just email or call 07557 271 157.


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